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  • KIJO Battery: The Industry Leader!
    Dec 22,2020
    Car battery is the core component in car circuit. It not only guarantees electricity for ignition and lighting, but also provides electricity for some equipment in the car. Especially at present, the ...
  • KIJO Battery and Its Functions
    Dec 15,2020
    KIJO battery is a device that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy, which is designed as rechargeable. It can be recharged through a reversible chemical reaction, usually referred ...
  • How Is the Future of Lead Carbon Batteries?
    Dec 08,2020
    KIJO's lead-carbon technology increases the charging speed by 8 times and can be charged to 80% of the battery capacity in half an hour.Capacity range: 2V 500 - 2000Ah, 12V 100 - 250AhDesigned flo...
  • KIJO Storage Battery Is More Reliable
    Dec 01,2020
    As one of the main parts of the car, the battery also needs to be replaced regularly. Most of the battery life is about 2-3 years. If you want your car's start-stop performance is always excellent...
  • JingJiu: The Best Choice of Quality Lithium Battery
    Nov 24,2020
    1. There are weeds among seedlings in lithium battery industryThe past year has been a year of ups and downs for all dealers. In addition to battery after-sales issues that have attracted widespread a...
  • What are the Characteristics of Lead-acid Batteries for Energy Storage Technology
    Nov 20,2020
    1. Energy storage characteristics of lead-acid batteriesLead-acid batteries used in energy storage technology must have the following characteristics:1) Wide application temperature range, generally r...
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