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  • Lead Acid is Dead - Lithium Iron Power is Here
    Jul 14,2023
    ​Lithium batteries are making their way into the Floor Cleaning market and for good reason. If you look at all of the benefits, they are hands-down the best solution to power your floor cleaning machines.
  • Development Status of Battery Energy Storage Technology
    Jun 28,2023
    Driven by global new energy power generation, electric vehicles and emerging energy storage industries, many types of energy storage technologies have made great progress in recent years. In addition ...
  • Why Do More and More People Choose Lithium Batteries?
    Jun 08,2023
    Reasons for choosing lithium batteries1. The energy of lithium battery is relatively highWith high storage energy density, it has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batte...
  • How To Make Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer
    May 06,2023
    The current cost of living crisis shouldn't mean we can't enjoy our hobbies to the fullest. While golf can be a notoriously expensive sport, there are lots of ways that we can invest in cheaper equipment and look after the equipment we already have to give it a longer life span...
  • The Four Charging Methods to Activate Your Sleeping Electric Vehicle Battery
    Mar 31,2023
    ​How to activate the battery if the electric car is "starved to death" without riding it for half a year? Teach you 4 strokes! People will be hungry if they don't eat, and the battery will be hungry if they don't charge. Long-term storage will lead to low battery voltage and difficulty in charging. What should we do at this time?
  • The Six major considerations of electric vehicle battery
    Mar 30,2023
    ​Why does your battery only last for 1 year? 6 major considerations are here!- The charging time of the new battery is required - The correct charging sequence has an impact on battery life - Electric vehicles should be charged with suitable chargers - Do not charge the battery immediately after long-distance driving - Electric vehicle batteries are risky if they are not used for a long time - Do not discharge the electric vehicle battery significantly
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